And so it begins…

So…this is what blogging is like- sitting in my room, at midnight, on a weekend, aimlessly typing words that hopefully make coherent sentences. But that’s not really what I’m looking to get out of a blog. If I really just wanted to do something like that to pass the time it would much simpler to retweet pictures of cute animals on Twitter or scroll through Pinterest. (Oops, did I just say I have a Pinterest….yeah…) However, I really do want a blog for a more substantial purpose, though I’m not sure entirely what that purpose is just yet.

I’ve decided to start this blog for several reasons:

I have lots of thoughts- I really do. I often think about many things of both little importance and incredibly significant importance and forget the thoughts regardless of importance. This blog gives me a chance to hold onto those thoughts, whether profound or idiotic. It seems like a good idea to have a place like this to remember my thoughts and ideas so that I can apply them if there comes a time where they are applicable.

I like to write- I really do, but don’t tell any of my English teachers.. I feel like God’s given me lots of abilities that I am extremely thankful for that I try and use on a regular basis. Writing is one of those gifts I feel like I don’t use frequently enough to my fullest potential. It’s a wonderful way to express myself that I often can’t through verbal communication because, while I do think quickly on my feet, I don’t always think clearly on my feet. Writing gives me a way to vomit out all my thoughts at once, but also the ability to go back and clean up the stuff that is about as clear as vomit to a reader. I do feel the need to leave the disclaimer that not everything I write makes sense either, so read at your own risk.

I have been inspired- That is so cheesy sounding but really it’s true. I’ve read blogs of friends whether big or small-time bloggers for quite some time now. I have had the pleasure of reading wonderful works by Allison, John, Dave, and most recently Brian Herrera of both serious and comical nature. Brian, if you read this, you were the tipping point in my decision to start this blog after I read your post earlier today. Through this media, they have all been able to have some sort of positive impact on both people they know and those they don’t know through their blogs. I love the concept and I want to have a similar impact with I post on here.

Well it’s late and I have a busy day tomorrow. (I’m not sure of the last time I didn’t have a busy day…) Regardless, I’m going to wrap this up now. I hope that you will occasionally read whatever it is I get the fancy to write about from time to time, but mostly I hope that God will use this as another way for me to share what He is doing in my life and how my relationship with Him is growing, whether it be in times of trials or joy. I think that’s all for now, so in the immortal words of Big Picture during the February show, “And that’s it, Amen.”